World Tennis Number

Dear Members,

Tennis Ireland recently launched the ITF World Tennis Number with an Invitational Event featuring some of our top players, becoming one of the first countries in the world to do so.

They would now like to begin the process of introducing the ITF World Tennis Number and some of the many benefits to affiliated Tennis clubs and members.

In this respect, we are planning to begin an initial club based World Tennis Number Competition from May 24th. You will be delighted to hear that there will be no ranking points, ladders, or organisation needed by the club – just the opportunity for plenty of tennis. It will also be the world’s first use of the World Tennis Number on a National level.

In a nutshell, what is the ITF World Tennis Number?

  • It is a rating system for all tennis players.
  • It is gender-less and age-less allowing play against similar rated players.
  • Every set counts, not just the overall result.
How Will This World Tennis Number Activity Work?
  • Players simply enter online on, go to EVENTS, then select our club WTN Co Wicklow
  • This World Tennis Number activity is free for players.
  • Online entry will be open from the 11th to 18th of May.
  • Once online entry is closed, Tennis Ireland will then organise multiple Round Robin groups of 3 to 5 players, within each participating club.
These groups will be made up of players of a similar level irrespective of gender/age, and we will use the World Tennis Number in the background to help us make them. All games will be played in the club.
When does it take place?
  • Play starts May 24th and runs until June 6th.
  • Players will have the 2 weeks to play as many games as they wish in their group, no penalties for not playing though we hope everyone that signs up will.
  • They will contact other players within their group, following the standard club protocols that are in place.
Who can participate in this World Tennis Number Activity?
  • Any player registered on our database who is member of an affiliated participating club.
  • Players over 12 on 1st January 2021 (Born 2008 or before)
  • Any queries should be addressed to
Anything different about Juniors?
  • All communications to and from Juniors with other players must be done by their parents/guardian as per standard Child Safeguarding guidelines.
  • Standard club regulations and Covid restrictions continue to apply with regards to supervision.
  • All juniors should have a parent or guardian present for all games, irrespective of their opponent.
What is the playing format?
  • Fast Fours (we will explain this to the players when they enter).
  • Typically if a booking time slot is limited to 1 hour, then play Fast 4, 
  • Games should stop at the end of the booking period. Incomplete games get recorded as well with relevant score: every set counts, not only the final result.
  • Both players enter the result on our easy ONLINE FORM or send it by email to
  • In case of dispute, on or off court, that cannot be resolved amicably, the games result is void. No impact for either player on their rating.
  • No penalty if a player does not or cannot play.
Why run this World Tennis Number Activity?
  • To further educate players about the World Tennis Number and it’s benefits.
  • Getting people playing against different players in their clubs.
  • Trying out mixed singles games.
  • This will also allow us and the International Tennis Federation to further improve the accuracy of the World Tennis Number: the more games, the better the algorithm works.
We really hope you will join us in this Activity as we continue our return to play and move forward with the ITF World Tennis Number.

If you have any queries please contact our club captain Ciara Baguley, her contact details can be found in the “Contact List” in your Smart Club account.

Kind Regards,

The Tennis Committee