Membership  in 2021.

The club is at full membership capacity in 2021.  If you are interested in joining the club a new waiting list will be available here in January 2022 so please check back in then.  

Membership Type


Family Parents and their children 18 and under, or 23 and under if still in full time education. €775
Couple €650
Adult €365
Junior aged 17 or under @ 31/12 of the previous year €100
Under 8 aged 7 or under @ 31/12 of the previous year. Cannot join alone must be with an existing OR new adult member €10
Overseas/Country living >80 kilometers away from the club for at least half of the year €80
Full Time Student Please provide photocopy of Student ID with your application €185
Pavilion Use of clubhouse facilities but no playing rights €30