Online Resources for Members

Dear Members,

We wanted to make you aware of the multitude of online resources that are available to you as a member of CWLTC.

Smart Club Cloud 

  • NEWS > Club Documents and link to Website Recent Newsfeed.
  • PROFILE > Manage the personal details the club has on record for you.
    • Add yourself to the clubs “Contact List”.
    • Request a date of birth change. Please ensure your DOB is correct, without this information the club cannot offer aged related offers and promotions, for example an “O65 Membership”. We simply don’t know how many members are in that age bracket.
    • View/Pay the balance on your account.
    • View/Print all your Paid Invoices.
    • View your Direct Debit Mandate.
  • BOOKINGS > Make court Bookings for you and your family members.
  • MEMBERSHIPS > Check the personal details recorded for your family members.
  • EVENTS > Book and Pay for Club Events e.g., Group Coaching/Summer Camps/Team Tennis/Annual BBQ.
  • CONTACT LIST > View other members contact details to arrange games.
    • To appear on this list, you must agree in your PROFILE.
  • PREFERENCES > Manage how you replied to the Club Policies.
  • COACHING CLASSES > Book and pay for coaching.
  • MANDATES > Setup your Direct Debit Mandate (Easy setup, IBAN number is the only requirement).

Our Website

The following is just some of the information available.

Club Competitions

Tournament Software is used by all clubs affiliated to Tennis Ireland. All TI sanctioned tournaments are published, the event draws, the match schedule and results. The clubs recent competition history can be viewed click here. If you are a new member you must sign up with Tennis Ireland before you can enter any competition, its simple click here.
 Like our Facebook Page to be automatically updated when new posts are created. Click on the  symbol at the top of the Website OR click this link to visit the page. Please don’t assume you have already liked the CWLTC page click the link and make sure.

Videos currently available:-

  • 125 Year Celebration
  • Short Club Promo
  • How to make court bookings
  • Your profile in Smart club
  • Smart Club Webinar

Click the bell notification icon on the Clubs Channel to be alerted when new videos are added. To visit the Club Channel click on the  symbol at the top of the Website or click this link

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And finally, we would like to know What year you joined the club? Please email us the year you joined and will will update your personal record. 

Should you have any queries please reply to this email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Kind Regards