Guests and Green Fees

Members can bring a guest to play @ CWLTC. The following are the rules governing guests & green fees.

  • The cost per hour is €7.50. The member making the booking must have enough credit in their Smart Purse or the booking won’t proceed. When viewing the court booking calendar, the members Smart Purse balance is displayed at the top right hand corner of the screen.

  • Guests can only be included in an off-peak booking. No guests are allowed after 6pm Monday to Friday.
  • The guests full name MUST be entered correctly into the system (see NAME -1 field).
  • One guest per match is allowed e.g., a game of singles OR a game of doubles with three members.
  • The guest can use the bar & changing rooms without having to check in again. Their name recorded correctly when booking will suffice. 
  • If a booking is cancelled prior to the date & time of play the €7.50 charge will be refunded.

Please see below the procedure to follow from the “Make a Booking” window.

Click on Show Guest Options

Change the option field to ADD GUEST (non-peak)

For a game of singles enter the guests name into the  NAME – 1 box, then click BOOK 

For a game of doubles, select the other two members as normal using the OPPONENTS box, then enter the guests name into the  NAME – 1 box, then click BOOK