Court Booking and Clubhouse Facilities

Dear Members,
In recent months demand for our courts has increased and the General Committee is very aware of this and are actively monitoring court usage.  We would like to take this opportunity to remind all members of etiquette around court usage.
If you have booked a court and are unable to play, as courtesy to fellow members, please cancel the court giving sufficient time for someone else to avail of that particular time slot. It has been noticed that on several occasions courts are released shortly before the scheduled game was due to be played.  Sometimes this is unavoidable, but it should not be normal practice.
The court booking system does not allow a member to book back to back time slots, however it has been noted that some members book back to back slots by using another family member’s name, this is not in the spirit of the club.
In an attempt to alleviate the pressure on courts particularly during the peak weekday evening hours, we would ask that members be mindful when booking more than one hour per evening or cancelling a booking at short notice.
We have updated the on court booking rules which can be viewed here.
There has been considerable investment in club facilities in recent times for all of us to enjoy, so could we ask that items be put away after use, eg chairs not left outside, blankets put back under the stairs and crockery and cutlery put in the dishwasher.
Many thanks
The General Committee