Return to Play Protocols (RTPP)

Return to Play Protocols (RTPP)

To play tennis from the 18th of May you must opt in to state you have read and agree to abide by the content of this circular. If you do not confirm agreement with this circular you will not be allowed to play tennis during Phase 1.

Confirm “ I ( and my family – family membership ) have read and agree to abide by the CWLTC RTPP “ by emailing your name and the first line of your address, click here  or text 0857202583

Our Priorities

  • The health and well being of our members and their families
  • That tennis is viewed as a sport that operates in a socially responsible way to ensure it is not removed from the short list of allowable activities.

Senior members

General Advice – Phase 1

  • Members should not travel more than 5km to the tennis club
  • Over 70’s should not play tennis in Phase 1

Overview – Strict Guidance

  •  Singles play is permitted
  •  Doubles play is only allowed when your playing partner is a member of the same household.
  •  Only club members are allowed play – No guests are allowed.
  •  The clubhouse and toilets will be closed. No members are allowed inside the clubhouse until advised in later Phases.
  •  Joe Flynn will have access to the clubhouse. Do not request access.
  •  Floodlights will not be available
  •  Court 2 will not be in play until advised.

Booking and Play Protocols

  •  Courts need to be booked in advance of play with each player registered on the court booking system – This is essential for contact tracing if required
  •  You are requested to arrive at the time of play, no hanging around waiting for courts
  •  You are only allowed use the court for 1 hour
  •  Leave immediately after your 1 hour is up – Do not wait for the next players to arrive.
  •  To reduce the risk of players coming in contact with each other we will be staggering courts with a 15minute break between each hour playing time.
  •  We will also be using different start times on each court
  •  The court booking system must undergo significant re-configuration. We will let you know as soon as we can when bookings can commence.

Other Considerations

  •  We are encouraging players to use 2 sets of tennis balls, one marked to ensure players are only handling their own tennis balls.
  •  All gates will be tied back open to avoid contact with surfaces
  •  Please use hand santisers provided before and after play
  •  Bring your own water to the club
  •  Do not leave any rubbish on the courts (Rubbish bins will be removed until further notice)

Junior members (Additional Considerations)

  •  Junior members will need to be supervised by one adult member/parent
  •  This adult member will need to check in with Joe Flynn, Club Caretaker (for the purpose of potential contact tracing)
  •  Junior Courts and practice wall are not in play at this time


  • Individual Coaching will be allowed with club coaches.
  • Two members of the same family can receive coaching at the same time.
All the steps above are aimed at protecting you, your family and fellow members. We need all members, junior and senior exercising a high degree of personal responsibility. This will be monitored by Joe Flynn and members of the committee to ensure all guidance is being adhered to. Also parents need to explain this to their children to ensure there are no issues.