Court Booking is Now Open

Dear Members,

Court bookings can be made now,  with play beginning again on Tuesday 1st of December.

NB. Please remember all players on court must appear in the bookings system.

Pre Level 5 lockdown, we were aware of the huge pressure on court time as a result of members playing more often and new members joining.  Some members were therefore unable to book times to play they would normally be accustomed to playing.

As a committee we feel we can use the booking system to alleviate a lot of these concerns. 

We have made some changes to the system, see below. 

These changes are being implemented for a trial period to the end of January 2021. 

We want your feedback on these changes so that we can review again at that time. 

Please give these changes some time then email us with your suggestions for improvements.

Cancelling court bookings

It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to leave a booking in the system you do not intend to fulfil. Please cancel the booking even if it’s 10 minutes before and the worst weather you have ever seen. You would be surprised how many members would book a cancelled court and play in the rain! 

The general committee will be monitoring the courts regularly and we may introduce penalties for non-cancellation.

5-day advance booking

This change, we feel, may have the positive impact of freeing up some additional slots at the peak senior booking times of Monday to Thursday 6-9pm.

1 hour booking slots

We made this change because we noticed that half hour gaps were being left in the calendar. We monitored this for several weeks and noticed that most weekday evenings a minimum of two half hour gaps were being left in the calendar. At the weekend,  the worst day we recorded saw six half hour gaps before 3pm.

  • Courts 1,2 & 3 are now bookable on the hour
  • Courts 4,5 & 6 are now bookable on the half hour.

Junior Restrictions (Monday to Friday)

  • Juniors cannot book a court OR be a part of a booking post 6pm on courts 1,2 & 3.
  • Juniors cannot book a court OR be a part of a booking post 6:30pm on courts 4,5 & 6.

** There are two exceptions to the above rules. 

  • Juniors who have played senior leagues for the club that year.
  • Juniors playing with two senior members, where the two senior members could have booked the court anyway. However, until the COVID track & trace requirements are over this is NOT allowed because we will have no record of the two juniors in the booking system.

Junior Restrictions (Sunday Mornings)

  • Juniors cannot book OR be a part of a booking on courts 4, 5 & 6 before 12:30pm
  • Juniors cannot book OR be a part of a booking on court 1 before 12pm

** There are two exceptions to the above rules. (see above)

  1. We would ask all Senior members to book courts 1, 4, 5 or 6 first and only book courts 2 & 3 should the others be taken.

Mini Courts

There are no restrictions in place on these, they can be booked through the booking system in half hour slots as normal.

The Watch Feature

When viewing the booking calendar and all slots for a given time are booked. You have the option to watch a slot. If the slot is cancelled all those watching that time slot will receive an email notification immediately telling them that slot has become available. The Watch option appears on the right hand side of the calendar adjacent to that time slot.

Head of Families in Smart Club Cloud

Can make court bookings for other members in their group, other family members will be listed below “Bookings for family members” click on the name to book in their name.

Kind Regards

The General Committee