2022 Senior Championships – entry closing soon

Dear Members,

Entry for our 2022 Senior Club Championships is closing on Wednesday, if you haven’t entered yet and wish to do so, please click here. There was an issue with PayPal so if you entered before Friday last, please go back in to your entry, click edit and then go to payment. 

The Championships are starting on Saturday September 3 and will run over 2 weeks with finals day taking place on Saturday September 17.  
There are 15 events including Championship and Graded events, and competitors may enter a maximum of 3 events, with a maximum of 2 singles events.  

Competitors requiring a doubles partner are required to select “PARTNER REQUIRED” when entering. In all doubles events competitors must have the permission of their proposed doubles partner before entering.

All matches except Championship Singles will be the best of three sets with a Championship tie-break being played in the third set if necessary. Championship Singles matches will be the best of three full sets.

If you have any queries please contact Ciara or Gary.

Kind regards
The Tennis Committee