1st Round Club Handicaps – Rules and Scoring

Hi All,

The Club Handicaps competition begins this evening. An entry of 91 adult members makes it the best entry for a handicaps competition in a decade. A lot of our new members have taken the leap and entered which is great to see. The full rules & regulations are below, attached are images of the score cards and the player/pairing handicaps for round 1. 

Senior Club Handicaps
Rules of Play

  1. Short sets will be played. The first to 6 games wins the set.
  2. First advantage will be played. First point after deuce wins the game.
  3. Singles and Doubles Matches will be the best of three short sets.
  4. Mixed doubles – Full sets will be played with the third set a Championship Tie break with next point wins if score is 9 all. End of set tiebreaks in mixed doubles – first to 7 points wins.
  5. Competitors must be available to play their matches as scheduled. The committee will within reason endeavour to accommodate competitors with restrictions on their availability – provided they state the restrictions on their entry form.
  6. Maximum Handicap will be –40.3 and Minimum Handicap will be Scratch or +15 (depending on the decision made by the Committee).
  7. The handicap cycle restarts every 6 games or at the start of a new set.
  8. If necessary, Handicaps will be reviewed by the Committee after each game or at any time during the Tournament.
  9. Players must provide their own tennis balls.
  10. Requests for rearranged matches must go through the tennis Committee so courts can be released.
  11. Please text results to Ciara 0868250044 or Gary 0861725195

Most evenings the 9pm booking slots have been left free, please be aware that should a 7:30pm handicaps match still be in progress @ 9pm that match has precedence and must be allowed to finish.

Kind Regards
Tennis Committee