Team Tennis (Teams & Schedule)

Hi All,

Team Tennis begins next Monday 5th @ 7pm. We hope you enjoy the event. 

The schedule can be downloaded here and the teams here.

The rules of play can be found on our Website at the following link.

It is near impossible to accommodate everyone’s unavailability requests. Should you be scheduled to play on a night you are unavailable you must organise your own sub.

To do this firstly ask any player playing at the same level on any other team in the opposite section. For instance if you are playing on Team A look for a sub from any of the Teams F through J. If none are available you can take from players playing at the same level in your section. The sections are A-E and F-J.

Members Contact Details (Smart “CONTACT LIST”)
If you have not already made your contact details visible in Smart Club please do so now so that other members can contact you. Login to your Smart account, click on the PROFILE tile and make sure the setting below it set to YES. 

Team captains responsibilities

  • To ensure everyone on your team knows what night they are playing their first match, after that its there own responsibility to know the other nights they are scheduled to play. 
  • Record the score of your team on the noticeboard, on each night you drop the lowest score e.g.
    • Team 1 = Won  11-7
    • Team 2 = Won  11-9
    • Team 3 = Lost  2-11 (not counted)
    • Team 4 = Lost 7-11
    • Team 5 = Won 11-10
    • Team Score = 40
Should you have any difficulties getting contact details please reply to this email and we will help you out.

Kind Regards
The Tennis Committee