Feedback from UK Supplier

This is feedback from a supplier/avid tennis player in the UK that has put the Red Plus courts down for a number of years

The courts have an automatic 10 year guarantee, unofficially, having discussed this with Corsiero if the simple maintenance procedures are followed they should well beyond synthetic grass courts and play as if new……they have a club in Switzerland which had the first Red Plus Courts down over 13 years ago….they held a tournament last year and the organisers thought the courts were new. As long as they do not allow the “carpet” to appear above the clay, it doesn’t wear out.

– I have played in the rain and of course there will be varying degrees of rain…..light showers and steady rain, I think they play the same… more rain come down, they will get slower….in heavy rain, why would you be playing tennis anyway ! as on all surfaces the balls will get heavy and wet……On e thing though, comparing to synthetic grass, the balls do not pick up as much moisture and they stay in good condition for longer, whereas on synthetic grass, the balls fluff up and get heavier and heavier.

– As a guide, you probably need about 30 x 25kg bags of clay per year……takes about 1-2 hours for 2 people………if for any reason you have some “bare patches, because players haven’t brushed the clay in the correct manner, either pull more clay in from the sides, as it is here where excess clay tends to accumulate…or put on a couple of new bags…….

– The shoe issue is very simple, either stamp them thoroughly as you com off the court, and wipe shoes on a bristle matt, or get one of those shoe brush cleaners you see on golf courses….I’ll send you some details. Players just need to remember to do it. Takes about 10 seconds.

– Negative

– in dry spells you need to ensure the courts are watered
– Players need to brush the courts after play, takes less than 3 mins
– Players need to brush lines again takes about 3 mins
– ensure someone checks the outsides of the courts periodically as you can get some very light moss/algae….effectively you get it on all courts but none notices on green grass……..catch it early and you have no issues. You can spray moss killer, but best first to “rake it out”. For leaves etc you can use a blower, but just brush any clay back in place afterwards.

In my view clubs and players just need to understand that Red Plus is a natural surface, very few natural surfaces in the world have as little maintenance as this court…..but because players and clubs are used to just walking on the court and doing hardly anything, they may perceive it as a hardship….Nass don;t because the benefits of playing on a great clay court well outweigh the downsides.

Red Plus are trying to get approval from the ITF for a professional Wheel chair tournament at a club in Geneva where 6 new courts are going down. I am speaking with the LTA myself to try and get this sorted out…….I spoke with Britain’s number 3 Wheelchair lady, Lauren Jones, and she said that most real clay courts cause a problem for wheelchair users with regards to the turning and twisting with the wheels as they can dig into the court….but we are hoping we can get the certificate as they won’t have the same problem on Red Plus as the surface remains stable.