Autumn Team Tennis

Dear Members,

Our Autumn Team Tennis begins on Wednesday November 9 at 7pm!

The teams can be viewed here and the schedule here.  Please make sure you know the times and days of your matches.

The rules of play can be found on our website at the following link. 

Should you be unavailable on a night you are due to play, there is a list of people who signed up to be ‘Team Tennis Subs’ at the bottom of the list of the teams. Alternatively you can ask someone playing at the same level as you on a team in the opposite draw to fill in for you. 

Member Contact Details 
Member contact details are available within Smart Club under the ‘Contact List’ tile. Should you have any difficulties getting contact details please let us know.  If your telephone number is not included on this list, please update your profile to ensure that it is included. 

Could all captains please fill in your teams results on the score sheet on the notice board.  Don’t forget the lowest score from each match is not included in your teams total. 

Kind regards
The Tennis Committee