New Court Information July 2019

The survey on the option of one clay court was completed on the 9th of July.

The results are as follow: 151 Responses: Clay 60.3%; Grass 27.8%; Neutral 11.9%
Removing the neutrals: 133 Responses: Clay 68.4% ; Grass 31.6%

Click here to download a PDF with the results.

With a large interest in clay we’ve decided to engage the members again to see if in fact there might be a preference to have 3 clay courts rather than just 1. A new survey has been sent out.

The cost is an additional 22k euro on top of the 11k euro for the first clay court. This would give us 3 artificial grass and 3 artificial clay courts.

If we invest in these courts it will not in any way take away from other planned investments which will include:
– upgrade of the court lights
– a new kitchen
– remodelling and decoration of the bar and function room
– Exploring option of a balcony and better utilisation of the committee room upstairs
– upgrading toilets and changing rooms

There are main advantages of clay courts but to give a balanced view we’d like to highlight: 

– Costs 31k euro per court compared to 20k euro per court for artificial grass
– Players need to brush the courts each time after play, takes approx.. 3 mins
– Players need to brush lines again during a game takes about 3 mins
– In dry spells we may need to ensure the courts are watered
– Additional clay needs to be added each year, takes 2 hours per court. (approx. cost ?k above artificial grass maintenance)
– may discolour shoes and socks

Some additional information on the clay courts is presented below – this is all generally very positive in favour of them:

Feedback from a UK Supplier

Opinion from Tennis Ireland CEO

Option from Peter Farrell Tennis Ireland. Development Officer Leinster