CWLTC Bray offers a  welcoming and vibrant environment in which to play tennis socially and competitively. Tennis is a great way of keeping fit and active suitable for all ages and skill levels.

New members are welcome, click here for the new member 2020 application form. 

Should you have any questions please contact Dave Barry by email click here or text him on 086 8272025.

Existing members click here for 2020 renewal form and here for the standing order form.

Health benefits of tennis

Tennis can be a great workout and lots of fun. Playing tennis has many health benefits including:

  • increasing aerobic capacities
  • lowering resting heart rate and blood pressure
  • improving metabolic function
  • increasing bone density
  • lowering body fat
  • improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility
  • increasing reaction times

Other benefits of tennis

As well as being a great physical workout, tennis is also:

  • a non-impact sport
  • a great way to meet people and spend time with friends
  • suitable for all ages and skill levels. Whatever your level, you can find someone of a similar ability to play with
  • helpful to reduce stress
  • not dependent on youth or strength – you can play for a lifetime or start the game at any age

How the application process works?

The application form must be completed in full, detailing the type of membership required and the name(s) of all people involved in the application. All application forms must be signed by two existing members of the club before it can be accepted for consideration and approval.

Should you be new to the town or surrounds and are not sure if you know any members please contact Dave by email or text him on 086 8272025 and a committee member will respond as soon as possible.

The application should be posted to the designated name and address on the form or handed into the club, applicants are ultimately responsible for their own forms reaching the membership committee as quickly as possible for processing.

A waiting list for membership may prevail from time to time and applicants may therefore have to wait a period of time before being granted membership.

Offers of membership are sent to successful applicants after committee meetings, usually monthly, where they are approved. The Club Committee has the right to accept or decline any application and their decision is final.

Applicants or any non-member who have not received formal approval of membership are not permitted to use Club House facilities or to play on Club courts at any time.

Additional forms:

CWLTC Medical Consent Form

CWLTC Code of Conduct for Parents

CWLTC Code of Conduct for Juniors