In 1894 County Wicklow Lawn Tennis Club was founded. Its patron was Lord Meath, head of the Brabazon family. It was a most exclusive club and compared favourably with the largest tennis clubs in the Dublin area at the time. It had ten grass courts and a wooden pavilion, (as can be seen in the accompanying photograph)

The Club hosted one of Ireland’s most prestigious tournaments and attracted top National and international players including Joe Hackett, Harry Barnville, Betty Lombard, Cyril Kemp, Jim Fitzgerald, Geraldine Houlihan, Eleanor O’Neill, Stanley Matthews, Mark Cox and Wimbledon referee Alan Mills, an event winner. The transition in the early 70’s from the grass surface to hard courts heralded in a new era in the Club’s history. All year round playing facilities led to a steady increase in the membership and has seen CWLTC take its place once again as one of the top clubs on the East Coast.

The Club Centenary was celebrated in 1994 and six new Omni-Pro courts were installed together with improved floodlighting as phase one of a restructure plan, which culminated with the opening of a new clubhouse in 1999. *This is illustrated in the accompanying photograph. This was built after the original was destroyed by fire in the early seventies.

In 2019 new courts were installed and lighting is being upgraded, so members have a club they can be proud of, that boasts the best of facilities both on and off court.