All members are expected to wear appropriate tennis attire (shoes, shorts/skirt/dress, socks, top) on court. The following items are considered to be inappropriate attire: soccer, GAA, or rugby shirts or socks; board, cycling or Bermuda shorts and general casual attire. Proper tennis shoes must be worn on court to avoid damaging the court surface. During inclement weather tracksuits and outerwear are permitted. If inappropriate footwear or clothing is being worn on court you may be asked to leave the court. All members entering to play in internal and external competitions are bound by the rules of those competitions regarding appropriate tennis attire.

Court Booking

Courts cannot be booked in advance. All senior members have equal rights to use the courts on any day or evening, excepting any occasions when the courts are reserved by Committee for competitions or other events or activities.

Booking sheets for each court are available in the clubhouse and should be used as follows:

  • All players must sign themselves onto court when going out to play. The names of all players and time onto court must be entered.
  • Players must vacate courts after one hour if others are waiting. If there is nobody waiting they may play on, or if they wish they may sign themselves onto court for another hour.
  • Waiting players, provided they have signed onto the waiting list, will have preference over those coming off if no courts are free.
  • If a court is free, then the waiting players should take a free court rather than asking those playing to vacate even if their hour is up.
  • Players must be in clubhouse before they are signed in. It is not permissible for others to sign in players who are about to arrive or who are already playing.

Courts can be reserved in advance by the Tennis Committee for competitions (e.g. Leagues, Team Tennis, etc) so please check the notice board and the website in advance to make sure there will be courts available for when you want them.

Tennis on-court rules

1. September to May Monday to Friday 9am-6pm: Seniors and Juniors have equal rights on all courts.

Saturday 9am-2pm: Seniors have preference on all courts
Saturday 2pm-6pm: Seniors and Juniors have equal rights on all courts
Sunday 9am-2pm: Seniors have preference on all courts
Sunday 2pm-6pm: Seniors and Juniors have equal rights on all courts

2. June to August Monday to Friday 9am-6pm: Seniors have preference on courts 5 and 6, Juniors have preference on courts 1 – 4

Saturday 9am-2pm: Seniors have preference on all courts
Saturday 2pm-6pm: Seniors and Juniors have equal rights on all courts
Sunday all day: Seniors have preference on all courts
N.B. Please note Sunday Rules apply on all Bank Holidays.

3. Championship, League and Tournament matches take precedence over all other stated availability of courts.

4. Juniors have no rights on court after 6pm and they should never enter their name on the booking sheet after 6pm. There are two exceptions to this rule:

–   Firstly, if Juniors are playing Senior League for CWLTC and then they have equal rights on court after 6pm. (They only have equal rights when they play with a senior or another league-playing junior).

–   Secondly, if Juniors are playing with two Senior members (Seniors need to be playing with them) on court after 6, they are allowed play for the allotted hour and must at all times be considerate of other Senior members playing on adjacent courts.

“Seniors have preference on all courts” means Seniors may ask Juniors to vacate courts immediately.

Court Etiquette and Courtesy

Have consideration for fellow members. Do not go across or behind courts which are occupied by other players during a rally.  Return balls to other courts but not while a rally is in progress.  Do not retrieve balls from courts where others are playing. Wait and ask for them to be returned.  Avoid excessive noise when playing or watching. Close gates when you enter or leave courts.

Members are asked not to walk through courts 1-3 to the back courts when games are in progress.

Access to courts during league matches:

Front Courts (1-3): During league matches it is permissible for non-league players to use either courts 1 or 3 (once league match is over) if league match is still in play on the other court (i.e. if court 1 is in use and court 2 and 3 are vacant then court 3 can be used for non-league game).
It is not permissible to use either of these courts if play is continuing on court 2, nor is it permissible to use court 2 if play is continuing on either of the adjacent courts.

Back Courts (4-6): It is permissible to use courts 4, 5 and 6 during a league competition once the league players have vacated any of these courts. Please remember when using these courts to be conscious and respectful of the league players on the adjacent court.


Tokens are required to work the lights. One token will give you ½ hour’s lighting. Tokens cost €2.00 and are available behind the clubhouse bar and in Centra on the Vevay Road.

Guest Players

Guest player must be accompanied by a club member when playing.  A member may not bring a guest player to the Club more than once a month. Club members have priority over guest members when the courts are full. A Green Fee of €5.00 is payable for each guest member, this should be given paid into the secure letterbox in the lobby in an envelope, or given to a Committee Member. There is a visitors sheet on the Senior Notice Board in the Club house which should be signed prior to play.



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