Tennis Competitions

Dear Members,
It’s great to see so many of our members up and enjoying playing tennis. We are also delighted to see so many new members in the club and you are all very welcome.Over the next couple of months some internal competitions will be run so this is a great chance to showcase your new singles skills!! New members are especially encouraged to play as it’s a great way to meet new sparring partners.
Adult Box Singles
Ladies and Mens Box Singles will be run in three different groups
1. Non league and new members
2. Class 5-7
3. Class 2-4
To enter just text your name and number and the group you would like to play in. The tennis committee will arrange the different boxes within the groups and then send them out to all. Closing date for entries is 28th June. Players must then arrange their individual matches to be played by the 31st July. All matches must be completed within the normal hour of play. A maximum of 11 games are played and the score at the end of the hour should be texted to Gary or Ciara. If the 11 games are not completed within the hour the score at the end of the hour stands and is texted in. The winner will be the player with the highest score at the end of the month so it’s up to all players to get their games played.
Please text Ciara 086 8250044 for ladies singles and Gary 086 1725195 for mens singles
Fast Four Doubles Tournaments
The last two weekends in July we will hold afternoon doubles tournaments in the form of Fast Fours – a quick and fast paced way to play a number of matches in one afternoon.
Click here for more details.
The Tennis Committee