Light Tokens – Court Bookings – Guest Players

Dear Members,

Court Light Tokens

Tokens are now available in Centra on the Vevay Road. They cost €2 and last for 30 minutes. The court metres are in the clubhouse foyer. If you don’t know the keypad code to enter the clubhouse foyer please email by clicking here and we will let you know.

Court Bookings & Cancellations

Please remember that all court bookings made must contain all the players involved in the match. This is essential for contact tracing purposes during the COVID phases.

Please cancel court bookings you have made that you no longer intend fulfilling. Please always do this as a courtesy to other members who may wish to play at those times. This should be done even at the last minute. Cancellations and amendments can only be performed by the person who made the booking.

Guest Players

Non-member guest players cannot be accommodated until we are out of the COVID phases. As it stand this maybe the 10th of August onward. However, we will let you know when we will be allowing guest players to play.

Kind Regards

The General Committee