Junior Tennis at CWLTC

The aim of Junior Tennis at CWLTC is to promote a safe and fun environment, encouraging participation and development at all levels of junior tennis.  Our programme of events range from fun tennis and social events for all juniors, coaching, club competitions, team tennis and intra-club competitions for juniors from Under 8’s all the way through to top level of junior tennis.

In recent times, we’ve increased the emphasis and focus on participation at all levels, with more and more junior club members competing in school, stars and stripes, summer and winter leagues, giving all junior members access to competitive tennis at their current level and many opportunities to progress. 

 As with any club, we are very reliant and grateful for the time and effort put in by our members, parents and volunteers – if you’d like to know more or are interested in participating / volunteering please contact a member of the Junior Committee by email, click here.