Junior Coaching

Group coaching is offered by our club coaches, Conor Casey and Gill Hohn and is divided into three terms and normally runs from Sept to Dec, Jan to March and April to June.

All levels are catered for and if you wish to make an enquiry please contact Conor and Gill.

Conor Casey


Trained as a coach in Tokyo with Hiroshi Miyamura at the famous Miyamura Tennis School and Miyamura Tennis Center before returning to Ireland and completing his Level 1, 2 and 3 coaching certificates. Conor Casey is a professionally qualified coach and has coached for over 25 years in Ireland, England (where he worked at Dave Miley’s Maidstone Tennis and Fitness Centre) and Japan and is qualified to coach in the USA. He has won many Class 1 tournaments and has represented Ireland Internationally.

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If any member would like private lessons, or wishes to contact Conor, click here to email him or message him @ 087-3490316.

Gill Hohn

Has been playing tennis for 30 years and regularly competed in graded opens, winning many singles and doubles events.  Gill is a member of the PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) and is a Tennis Ireland Qualified coach. Gill has years of coaching experience, working as an assistant to Paul Casey in Glenageary Lawn Tennis Club, as a coach in Westwood Tennis Centre (Leopardstown) and she has been head coach at St. Andrews for 6 years.


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If any member would like private lessons, or wishes to contact Gill, click here to email her or message her @ 086-8272428.



Coaching Tips:


Due to the lock down and not being able to get down to play it’s important that we not only stay safe and active but also don’t lose some of our basic skills.

Let’s start off with the serve why not practice our ball placement please note left/right hand should be fully extended at the end of the action (see picture)

I suggest maybe you could have a friendly competition with your partner or kids.

The object of the game is to try get the ball placement for serve to be consistent and this in turn will help improve your serve dramatically.

Each person gets into their service stance and places bucket about 6 inches in front of your front foot and has 10 goes in a row (the only ones that count are the ones that hit the bottom of the bucket) the player with the most balls that land in the bucket is the winner.

Enjoy and hope this helps . Stay safe everyone.

Warm Up

Everybody should make sure to warm up before and warm down after playing. This should always be done no matter what time of year. It will help to reduce the risk of injury; it will increase arousal levels and get you ready to play at a higher level. The warm down helps your body recover after exercise and is particularly beneficial if playing again that day or the day after.