*BBQ Update*

Hi All,

A quick update on the preparations for Saturdays BBQ (7pm onwards).

We only have space left for 16 people. You can reserve your place by contacting Justin via email justinfitzsimons1971@gmail.com

The Layout

Tables inside are 6 feet apart. We can accommodate 26 people inside. Outside under the canopy, we’ll use the benches (in opposite directions) with two people sitting at each end with 5 benches we can account for 20 people. We have four 8-foot trestle tables with chairs for the mini courts.

On arrival

You will be greeted and shown to a table. Table service only.

System for toilets

Anyone seated outside the club enters through the double doors of the function room, then on to the toilets, return to your table by leaving the clubhouse through the lobby door, people seated inside should do the same.  Two people maximum in the toilets at once, one of the men’s urinals will be taped off. Hands free hand sanitisers are on the walls as you enter the toilets.

The Food (€5 per person)

The meal is a delicious burger (Cheese and Fried Onion toppings optional), baked potato, coleslaw and green salad. Individual sachets of salt/pepper, mayo, ketchup will be wrapped with your cutlery which will be on the tables.

Have a great night.