82k Sports Grant awarded to CWLTC

We’re delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant of 82k in the recent allocations of the capital sports grants.

Earlier this year the government introduced a new round of sports capital grants which are aimed at improving the playing conditions of sporting clubs throughout the country. In the past we have received grants for other capital projects, most recently for the construction of our two mini courts which have proved a very valuable asset for our Junior members.

The general committee after looking at our long term needs and taking in to account the facilities of our neighbouring clubs decided that we would apply for a grant with the purpose of building a temporary single skinned indoor dome to benefit the entire playing membership and extend the playing season to allow us play tennis in even the most inclement weather that Ireland can offer! We are sure that our members have lots of questions and perhaps some reservations about moving forward with such a project. We intend to have an open evening early in the new year where the committee will present the proposal and outline the reasons why we after much consideration believe a dome will be a fantastic addition to the club.

Ahead of any meeting please have a look at the Leinster Tennis website where information on air supported domes can be found.


There are also a couple of pictures attached to a give some idea of what the project may look like.We look forward to engaging with the membership on this before proceeding to the planning stage.

Kind Regards,

The General Committee

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